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Senior’s Living and Assisted Living

Primco offers a wide variety of flooring solutions to address the specific requirements and unique applications inherent in Senior’s Living and Assisted Living facilities.  From luxury flooring to wall cladding to safety flooring, Primco can assist with your project needs.

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Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl has a uniform composition and structure throughout the entire thickness of the product, which offers excellent gouge and abrasion resistance.

The Homogeneous category of product is used widely in Hospitals, Schools, Senior’s assisted living, Medical Offices and Dental Offices, and can be Coved and Heat welded for a seamless installation.


Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl Floors are constructed using multiple layers, which include a Wear Layer, Image layer and Backing.

The Heterogeneous category offers a broad range of visuals because of the limitless number of designs that can be used as the image layer.

These products are widely used in Hospitals, Schools, Senior’s assisted Living, Medical Offices and Dental Offices, and can be Coved and Heat welded for a seamless installation.


Safety Flooring

Sheet Vinyl Safety Flooring is made using the Homogeneous construction method and has the same composition and structure throughout.

Safety Flooring’s composition incorporates aggregates into the vinyl to provide slip resistance in wet areas, and are often utilized in Commercial Kitchens, Change Rooms and on Ramps.


Wall Cladding

Commercial wall Cladding is a Sheet product manufactured from Vinyl and is a Homogeneous construction. Wall Cladding is typically used in Clean Rooms, Bathroom’s and Corridors to offer protection and cleanliness.


Luxury Vinyl Tile & Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl flooring is a layered product construction. The base layer is made primarily of PVC vinyl, which offers flexibility as well as dimensional stability. The decorative PVC film is laid on top of the base layer. The wear layer is typically a clear vinyl wear layer and may or may not include a urethane, Ceramic Urethane or Quantum Guard HP coating that provides superior protection from everyday wear and tear.


Carpet and Carpet Tile

Broadloom carpet, as the name implies, is woven on a very wide loom. Most commonly shipped and installed in 12-foot wide large rolls, this type of carpet is still the most commonly used for wall-to-wall carpeting in both commercial and residential applications. Broadloom is also available Commercially in 6’ and 9’ widths.

Carpet tiles – also known as modular carpet are exactly that: modular tiles of carpeting, with an integrated backing material and base. Carpet tiles have become increasingly popular in high-traffic commercial applications.

Both Carpet and Carpet Tile are available in numerous different Yarn systems to accommodate the application that it is going to be used in.


Wall Base, Rubber Tile and Stairwell Management Systems

Rubber Base is an extruded finishing product that is available in a wide variety of colors, dimensions and heights and can be either 100% Rubber or a Vinyl Rubber Blend.

Rubber Tile and Sheet are Typically Homogeneous in construction and offer great durability and comfort under foot. Rubber flooring is also environmentally friendly and low maintenance. There are a large number of different formats and visuals available. Rubber is sold in both Tile and Roll goods.

Stairwell Management Systems consists of multiple components including Tactile Rubber Warning Tile, Rubber or Vinyl Treads, Rubber one piece Tread Riser’s, Stringer’s and Riser material. Stair Treads are also available with inserts or grit tape to aid the visually impaired in traversing the Stair Wells. All of the components are available in a wide range of Colors and Rubber Tile and Treads are available in a variety textures. Applications vary such as Hospitals, Schools, Daycares, Ice Arenas and Gyms.


Gym and Sports Flooring

Sports Flooring has many varied requirements; unique to both the needs of the project and the type of application it goes into. Primco is pleased to offer both Rubber and Vinyl Flooring Gym and Sports Flooring that will suit all applications.